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Shahon.org: Chinese manuscripts
The blog of Imre Galambos

Language Learning CD-ROM: Japanese
A complete course of Japanese for all levels: consists of Japanese for Beginners and Everyday Japanese.

Living in Budapest
A blog about living in Budapest.

Pictures of historical figures
A collection of photos and paintings of famous people from history.
Budapest apartments
Short-term vacation rental in downtown Budapest, next to the Parliament.

Budapest apartments, Budapest accommodation

Articles, essays, stories

Origins of Chinese Writing

The Chinese alphabet
Where is the Chinese alphabet and why is it so hard to find?

Origins of the Greek alphabet
Where does the Greek alphabet come from? How did it evolve?

Vegetarian cookbook
Vegetarian recipies -- Healthy food for a healthy life.

Irish efforts at learning Gaelic
Preserving the Gaelic language in Ireland

Bilingual Bible: English-Hungarian
Free online text of the Holy Bible in two languages aligned next to each other.

Chinese manuscripts
Imre Galambos' website about his research on Chinese palaeography and epigraphy.


Origins of Chinese Writing
Development of Chinese writing system, beginning from the oracle bone inscriptions all the way to writings on bamboo and silk.

Ten Laments - Education and technology in ancient China
Complaints of a Chinese scholar about the inablity of students in the 13th century. Despite all the new technology, readily available resources and material wealth, students still do not want to learn.

Skin diseases of children
Articles on common skin conditions among children.

History of Russia
A brief history of the Russian Empire.

The Unseen World
A collection of essays by by John Fiske.

Cool symbols - The taste of the orient
Why are Chinese symbols so popular in the West?

Images of the past
Cultural icons that determine our world.

Pictures from the movies
A picture repository

Father Hyacinthe
A Russian scholar of the Chinese language

Bats and vampires
Bloodsucking creatures

Trasporto dall' aeroporto di Budapest
Transfery lotniskowe w Budapeszcie
Budapest taxi, airport pickup
Letištní transfer Budapešť
Navette aéroport Budapest

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