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Hungarian wages - Salaries of Hungarians in Hungary

How much do people in Hungary earn?

   Hungarian wages - Salaries of Hungarians in Hungary

Earnings in Hungary, just like in any other country, vary depending on the job. Although there are precise and up-to-date statistics about the wages, they should not be taken too seriously. One of the biggest social problems in Hungary is the gap between the income of the rich few and the poor(er) many. While politicians, company directors, and leaders of the civil sector earn more (and are often paid for their responsibility), the regular employees, and leaders in lower positions earn significantly less than they should.

To somehow ease the pressure on the poorer people, politicians tend to raise the minimum wage time after time. At the moment it is HUF 57,000, but before we get overly excited by numbers, I also have to mention that the average wage is around 180- HUF 200,000. These are of course gross figures subject to taxes, often deducting half of the original sum. The income of most people today (Nov 2005) is still under or around HUF 100,000 (USD 500 or EUR 400) per month.

N. (2006)

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   Hungarian wages - Salaries of Hungarians in Hungary

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