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Mat herpes (Herpes Gladiatorum)

MAT HERPES is a kind of herpes most commonly occurring among wrestlers or other athletes who have with very close skin contact with each other. Another name for mat herpes is HERPES GLADIATORUM, sometimes misspelled as Herpes Gladiatorium.

It is a very serious kind of herpes and, just like any other form of herpes, is contracted through physical contact. Catching this problem can be a major problem for an athlete because he might get disqualified from not only competition but also training, even though he cannot be blamed for contracting it from someone else. If you have wrestled for most of your life, being banned from getting on the mat because of mat herpes would be a tragedy, not to speak of your sports carreer.

Although one cannot be held responsible for contracting mat herpes, or any other kind of herpes, one still has to be mindful of others who might contract it. Thus staying off the mat is not a punishment but a precaution for the sake of others.

Once someone contracts mat herpes in a gym or a dojo, all efforts must be made to clean the mat itself too. This has to be done by scrubbing the mat with some serious chemicals, not once but several times. But the best method is doing the same kind of scrubbing in advance, as a prevention.

When several athletes contract mat herpes in the same club, it can ruin the club because people will stop coming altogether. So if you suspect that you have something you are not sure of, go and see a doctor immediately.

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