Herpes simplex virus and Homeopathic treatment

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   Herpes simplex virus and Homeopathic treatment

Herpes simplex virus and Homeopathic treatment

A brief introduction to the herpes simplex viruses
The herpes simplex viruses [HSV] are DNA viruses and are of two types, HSV1 and HSV2. Both of them are capable of producing identical lesions.

HSV1 Affections
The HSV1 has an affinity for the upper part of the body producing oropharyngeal, cutaneous, and ocular lesions such as herpes labialis, gingivostomatitis, and keratoconjunctivitis, the reason being that this virus remains dormant in the trigeminal ganglion.

HSV2 Affections
HSV2 on the other hand affects the lower half of the body producing genital lesions and also producing neuralgias along the genitocrural, femoral, and obturator nerves because it tends to remain dormant in the sacral ganglion. Herpetic whitlow or nailbed infection, meningitis, encephalitis, hepatitis, etc. are rarely seen manifestations of the virus and tend to occur only in the immunocompromised individuals.

An insight into the science of Homeopathy
Homeopathy is the science of healing which is based on the principle of similars. According to this, a substance capable of inducing a particular set of symptoms in a healthy person is capable of treating the very same set of symptoms if seen in a diseased individual.

The foresight of the Discoverer of Homeopathy
Two hundred years ago when Dr. Hahnemann discovered it, there were no microscopes and microbes were not known of. In fact it was he who speculated that there must be certain virulent particles capable of causing disease. He realized that to every stimulus, be it internal or external, the body first allows itself to be acted upon which he termed the primary action. Following this, the body reacts opposite to this primary action and that he called the secondary action.

Action of Homeopathic medicines
It is now that it is understood that the homeopathic medicines act as immune-modulators that induce an artificial disease in the body that is similar to the natural disease but a bit stronger. The body's secondary response to this artificially induced disease fights off the artificial as well as the natural disease. Also, the process of potentization of the homeopathic remedies converts them into bioenergetic vibrionic medicines that act subtly upon the body's energy reserves so as to restore the homeostasis between the positive and negative forces.

Homeopathy follows the Nature's law of cure
Thus, while modern medicine aims at attacking the virus directly, homeopathy stimulates the vitality and boosts the defense mechanisms to combat and eliminate the virus. In this way, homeopathy follows the nature's law of cure.

Modern Medicines for the viral infection
Modern medicine has little to offer for any viral infection except for vaccination which in fact had been borrowed from the homeopathic principle of isopathy itself where the individual's immunity was exposed to diluted fragments of the microbe or the attenuated microbe itself so as to evoke an immunological reaction against that very same microbe when attacked by the latter naturally. Other medicines try to prevent the replication of the viruses but are only partly successful and helpless against the frequently mutating strains of the virions.

Homeopathy for the viral infection

Homeopathy on the other hand has an answer for any condition and any infection because "It doesn't treat the disease in the person but the person in disease," the entire approach being holistic and wholistic if I may say so. Individualization is the most important feature of homeopathy and we as homeopaths draw a conceptual image of the patient and study the psychosomatospiritual dynamics of every case taking the patient's past, present and probable future into consideration. With our theory of miasms that talks about the attributes and manifestations of a particular category of people and similarly by taking into account the person's constitutional type, temperament, and susceptibility, we can predict a lot about the prognosis of the disease in that particular individual. I will go into more details of these as I give you more examples.

Homeopathy for the manifestations of herpes simplex in general
Unlike the other schools of medicine where, the more the symptoms and the more the organs involved, more are the medicines given, homeopathy looks out for those remedies which cover the case in totality. The classical homeopaths give a single remedy known as the constitutional similimum only whereas some others give the constitutional drug along with other organ specific remedies or biochemical tissue salts to facilitate faster recovery.

For example: A person with herpetic keratoconjunctivitis, anxious disposition, nervous diarrhea, and marked craving for sugar might require a remedy called Argentum nitricum; whereas, another individual who has a violent temper, a tendency to recurrent ulcers in the mouth, with craving for ice and icy cold drinks with the same herpetic keratoconjunctivitis could probably require a remedy called Mercurius solubilis. A third person with herpes labialis and keratoconjunctivitis but with a reserved disposition, craving for salt, severe constipation and sun headaches would mostly need a few doses of Natrum muriaticum to treat the malady. Thus you can understand the finer intricacies behind a logical homeopathic prescription.

A lot of thinking goes into the selection of the potency of the remedy too, depending upon the age, gender, weight, build, sensitivity, susceptibility, immunity, pathology, etc.

Herpes simplex in men
In men, herpes simplex manifests in the form of balanoposthitis, i.e . the inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce. The outbreaks are typically circumscribed lesions with burning, itching, tingling, and dull pain or irritation. If the lesions are very close to the urethra, there could be pain and burning even during the passage of urine. Secondary bacterial infections may lead to pus formation also. In the case of homosexual men, anorectal lesions are produced due to the practice of anal sex.

Homeopathic remedies in men
Homeopathic remedies like Nitric acidum, Mezereum, and Cinnabaris are specifics. Even the nosodes prepared from the Herpes simplex viruses themselves are very useful and act as microvaccines to boost the immunity against these viruses.

Herpes simplex in women
This infection manifests frequently as vulvovaginitis with itching, burning, irritation and leucorrheal discharge. It rarely leads to dysplastic changes within the cervix of the uterus, which is considered precancerous.

Homeopathic remedies in women
In such cases, homeopathic remedies like Vespa and Kreosotum. Women have to be very careful if they are pregnant. In fact having genital lesions at around the time of delivery is one of the indications to go in for a caesarian section in order to prevent the spread of the infection to the baby. In any case, constitutional treatment is advisable even along with specific medications as it is known to remove many of the hindrances to recovery.

Combination therapies for the treatment of herpes simplex
Combination therapies consisting of Homeopathics, naturopathics, ayurvedics, and Tibetan herbs can be used in various formulations so as to raise the immune status on one side whilst relieving the symptoms simultaneously.

HE, the ALMIGHTY who cures
Alternative non-medicinal healing methods like Reiki, Yoga, Accupressure, Accupuncture, Sintergetica healing, and many such techniques along with the right diet and regimen can help to a very great extent and potentiate the therapeutic powers of any medicine. I believe that all diseases can be cured but not all people can be cured because every disease is karmic in nature and every suffering is predestined. We doctors can only treat, whereas, it is HE, the ALMIGHTY who cures. We have to put in our best efforts and leave the rest to HIM.

Author: Dr. Prasad
From: http://www.biogetica.com

   Herpes simplex virus and Homeopathic treatment

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