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This is the home of the "Kanji a day" free email newsletter. The newsletter was active in 2001 and was a very successful online publication. However, because it was a completely free service, we could only do it for a period of one year after which, due to the lack of available resources, we had to discontinue it. Perhaps one day we will put the archives up on the Internet to make it available again.

Meanwhile, please visit our other pages at Logoi.com. For example, by clicking on the "Product" button on the left, you can see our language learning software products. The "Articles" button would take you to the Table of Contents of the essays and articles written on language learning and foreign cultures in general. Especially the selection on Chinese and Japanese writing is extensive.

A completely new section is under the "Links" button, where you have web resources dedicated to travel. You can browse the sections by city name.

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