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Moonstone healing
The healing power of moonstone

   Moonstone healing -- The healing power of moonstone

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar known for its healing and spiritual powers. Spiritual healers claim that this milky pale stone is good for balancing one's emotions and healing reproductive disorders. It is especially useful for enhancing female psychic abilities. Its variants of different colors supposed to have different healing effects, e.g. the grey moonstone is better for intellectual purposes, whereas the peach-colored one for spiritual and feminine connections.

Moonstone briolettes

Moonstone is one of the most important healing gems in modern occultism, New Age healing, witchcraft, crystal healing, etc. On the other hand, it is interesting that while all these doctrines tend to emphasize their connection with ancient civilizations and cultures, there is practically no mentioning of moonstone and its healing powers prior to about 1970. In fact, most of what can find about moonstone comes from the past decade.

In the 1860s Wilkie Collins has written a popular play called THE MOONSTONE, in which Moonstone was the name of a prodigious diamond. As it is evident, the word "moonstone" has not been applied to the healing stone called moonstone today. Naturally, it would be foolish to suggest that moonstones did not exist a hundred years ago, only that they were called something else.

Now what were they called before? While I do not have the answer, I am certain that there were some common, non-scientific names in use. After all, moonstones are not rare in this part of the world.

Comments from our readers

I read your writeup on Moonstone healing. I have a moonstone ring that was my grandmother's - it is about 100 years old - and I grew up calling it moonstone - so I do know that the term "moonstone" existed prior to 1970.
All right, growing up calling the stone "moonstone" is a strong evidence that it was used before 1970. We could push back the time a couple more decades, depending on your age. But the fact that the stone itself is about a 100 years old would still not mean that it was called a "moonstone" a 100 years ago.

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   Moonstone healing -- The healing power of moonstone

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