Pictures of angels - Drawings and paintings of angels

The pictures of angels below come from four different traditions. Picture one is the angel with the key to the bottomless pit by Albrecht Durer. It belongs to a series of etchings done by Durer on religious and philosophical subjects. It is highly metaphorical as anything done by Durer.

The second is the angel with innumerable meanings by Russel. It is a painting.

The third picture is Archangel Gabriel on an orthodox Russian icon. These icons were actual objects of worship, people believed them to be true depictions of divine things.

The fourth picture is archangel Michael by Memling.

The fifth picture is the angel of the desert on an Orthodox Russian icon from the early 17th century.

The sixth picture is az etching by Bela Kondor called Angel.

The seventh picture is the DVD cover design for the motion picture Charlie's Angels.

The eighth picture is a relief on a cornerstone in Budapest, showing an angel helping a king.

The ninth picture is an old book illustration with little flying angels.

The tenth picture is a caricature drawing from an 1894 edition of the Punch magazine, showing the Angel of Peace mourning.

Picture 1: Angel with the key to the bottomless pit (Durer)

Picture 2: Angel with innumerable meanings (Russel)

Picture 3: Archangel Gabriel on a Russian icon

Picture 4: Archangel Michael (Memling)

Picture 5: Angel of the desert

Picture 6: Angel (Kondor)

Picture 7: Charlie's Angels - The three angels on a DVD cover

Picture 8: Angel helping a king

Picture 9: Angels in an old book illustration

Picture 10: Angel of Peace

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Pictures of angels - Drawings and paintings of angels
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