Pictures of demons - Drawings and paintings of demons

The faith in demons is as old as humanity. Demons, however, at least according to how they are depicted on paintings and drawings, are much older than the human race. The pictures of demons on this page come from a variety of different sources. The first picture is a famous painting by Michael Alexandrovich Vrubel, the Seated Demon. Unlike in most similar depictions in art history, the demon here looks very human.

The second picture is a statue of Chung Qai a Chinese demon, the Judge of Hell, standing on hellfire. It is from the Qing Dinasty, from the 17th century.

The third picture is a White Demon painting from Thailand.

The fourth picture is a modern demon, Lady Demon by fantasy painter Boris Vallejo.

Picture 1: Seated Demon (Vrubel)

Picture 2: A Chinese demon: Chung Qai

Picture 3: White Demon

Picture 4: Lady Demon (Vallejo)

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Pictures of demons - Drawings and paintings of demons
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