Pictures of the Titanic - Photographs and drawings of the Titanic

The name of Titanic is firmly associated in our minds with its demise. When you think of the Titanic, the first thing that comes to mind is its hitting the iceberg and sinking. And, of course, the movie with Leonardo di Caprio in it. The pictures of the Titanic below come from different sources. The first picture shows the ship in Belfast, before its departure.

The second picture is taken from a contemporary newsreel introducing the Titanic. With the dockworker in front, it is easy to imagine the enormous size of the ship.

The third picture is a commonly used illustration of the sinking Titanic. It appeared on Aril 15, 1912.

The fourth picture is a movie poster of James Cameron's Titanic. Although the movie is a strange mixture of romance and disaster, it became one of the most successful films of all time.

Picture 1: The Titanic in Belfast

Picture 2: The Titanic in the dock

Picture 3: The sinking Titanic (illustration)

Picture 4: Titanic movie poster

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Pictures of the Titanic - Photos and drawings of the Titanic
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