Pictures of vampires - Drawings and paintings of vampires

The pictures of vampires below come from different sources. Picture one is the cover design of a vintage magazine called Vampire Tales.

The second is a Boris artpiece of a vampire bat - a very realistic depiction of phantasy.

The third is the front cover of the movie Vampires by John Carpenter.

The forth is a female vampire from the movie Van Helsing. Rumor has it that the figure of Van Helsing has been at least partially modelled after the great Hungarian traveler Arminus Vambery.

The fifth picture is a vampire goddess from the cover of the comics magazine Purgatori: Goddess Rising.

The sixth picture shows a young female vampire drinking blood on the cover of the comics magazine Vertigo. "They say that blood is thicket than water, but it isn't thicker than money--not even for a family of vampires like the Del Toro clan, whose cartel has run organized crime in Miami for nearly a century. When the Del Toro patriarch is rubbed out, the members of that family, all of them born blood-suckers, are quick to start vying for new positions at the top of the heap. But the old man had already picked a successor -- his youngest son Leto, who left the family behind to become, of all things, a Catholic priest. Now Leto has to figure out not only who killed his father but also whether he will stay in the church or embrace his new inheritance, all while surviving the schemes of family and foe alike in this sly, hard-boiled tale."

Picture 1: Vampire Tales

Picture 2: Vampire Bat (Boris)

Picture 3: Vampires - The Movie

Picture 4: A vampire lady

Picture 5: A vampire goddess

Picture 6: A young vampire drinking blood

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Pictures of vampires - Drawings and paintings of vampires
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